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Meyer's Cocktail

IV Vitamin C

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IV INFUSIONS/ Preventative Measures


IV infusions, wellness preventative protection. Most of our diets will not provide us with the optimal amount of essential nutrients we need to continue our immunity and to supply us with the necessary dietary requirements to allow us to thrive as humans. As we get older, we lose many of the actions of the cells that would ordinarily be functioning as when we were in our younger years.

What if you're interested in thriving rather than just maintaining your health at best. We offer IV Infusions to replace that; taking pills has an absorption rate no more than 25 % of the overall vitamin! An IV offers 100% of the same vitamin and it is direct!

One-stop before Urgent Care, not anymore (don’t wait for that to happen) and you are set for the week and possibly for the month with a Myers cocktail or energy boost or simply a hydration. To optimize your health, we have to look at things on a cellular level. Cells talk to one another!

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